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meet the Massage Therapist
Hello Everyone,
Thought I would share a bit about massage therapy, my passion for it and what it can do for you. First off, I have been doing massage therapy for 21 years. My first class was at Kennesaw College in the continuing education department.  This class was not a certified class so I decided to go back to school eight years later to become certified.  I truly love what I do. I believe it is what God has purposed me to do in this life and I see it as my ministry. I have had experiences where I was able to minister to someone on the table and have had the opposite happen where someone else was able to minister to me.
I have the gift of healing hands. When the person is open to receiving the healing  that massage therapy can bring, they will feel intense heat from my hands. This is God working through me to bring about this healing. It doesn't always happen, but it happens more than not.The more open a person is to receiving the more likely it will happen and the more intense it will be.
Massage is more than a luxury, it is alternative health care. It will increase the flexibility of the muscles, preventing injury, and helping muscles to recoup faster after exercise. It increases circulation, it increases the effectiveness of the immune system and it reduces stress. It calms both the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system.
For those of you who have lost a partner or are care givers to someone who is ill, massage therapy is a great way of taking care of yourself. It eases the need for human touch, what we refer to as skin hunger, and it fills your cup back up when you have given all you have to someone else. If you have given your all, and do not replenish, you will end up with nothing to give.
The body will store emotions, good or bad, in the muscles and the organs. When these emotions are not released, after a while the body just gets tired of holding all that STUFF in. This is what happens when you experience pain or other symptoms that have no explanation. As I work the tissues and release the tension in the muscles, the body lets go of pent up stress, anger, sadness, etc.
Many diseases are actually DIS- EASE in the body. Our bodies are not built to hold the kind of strong emotions I am describing, in. A broken heart can lead to chest pains, rage can cause indigestion, stress causes tension head aches or shortness of breath because the muscles are so tight it won't let the lungs expand.
On occasion, I have seen what we call Emotional Release, happen on the table. This can come in the form of crying, laughing, a deep sense of sleepiness or a feeling of euphoria. However your body processes, that is how it will release.  I have had clients go home and sleep long hours after a massage, or cry through the whole thing. Mostly though, folks feel light and airy, sometimes they feel as if they have had a couple of glasses of wine, a little "drunk" has been the common response.
There are many, many types of massage therapy. I do Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone, Pregnancy, and Fibro Massage. I also am trained in rehabilitation exercises for serious injury.
Fibro Massage is a technique especially designed for people who have Fibromyalgia. It helps to release the tender points and chronic pain that is suffered with this condition. I use a series of movements and other techniques to bring about this release.
Lymphatic Drainage is a type of massage that helps the lymph system remove excess toxins from the body. It is performed using light strokes toward the heart helping to facilitate removal. This is a very relaxing therapy and has many health benefits as well. It works great in tandem with detox regimes.
 There are so many great benefits to regular massage therapy that once you have tried it, you will be so glad you did. Often I have heard that a person has gone in to get a massage and the therapist was so rough on them, that they were sore for several days afterward and or were bruised. It is my professional opinion that it is much more beneficial to you for me to start slower and build up to deeper, more therapeutic work over time rather than plow into your body and cause harm and trauma to the tissues.
Your body is only going to "let me in", so to speak so far, before it goes into spasm and throws me out of the muscle. Working too deeply too fast is the equivalent to going to the gym one time and then doing a triathlon. It just doesn't work, it causes more harm than good. I want you to enjoy your session and get the benefits as well. Working up to the deeper work is not only better for your body, it will release more of the emotions I mentioned before. If you are resisting the pressure and tightening up, then you are not getting the release that you are looking for.  Feel free to let me know that I need to adjust the pressure.  It will not hurt my feelings.  Communication is a vital part of the treatment.  Share with me what you are experiencing.
In closing it is my pleasure and an honor to serve God's People.
I look forward to serving you!
Brenda McPherson
Anointed Hands Massage

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