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It can be very daunting to come in for the first time to get a massage. Often folks have never had anyone touch them other than family. Sexual abuse or being taught that touch is "bad" can make it even worse and actually keep people from ever getting on the table. When in fact it is just the opposite. Therapeutic touch is the greatest gift we can give to one another.
When you first come for a session, I will show you to the room and explain the process of getting on the table, where to hang your clothes, and what to take off.
release and let go....ahhhTypically, everything is removed, underpants are optional. You will be under a sheet and blanket. Only the area of the body I am working on, will be uncovered. The rest of the body is completely covered with the sheet and blanket. It is my goal to make you feel comfortable and safe on my table. This is what it takes to help you relax the most, which is my ultimate goal.
I prefer to start the session with you laying on you back, face up. Other therapists will start with you face down. I feel that, especially for a first timer, this will give you a chance to check out the room, get a feel for the environment, and talk comfortably while I begin with the neck and shoulders. The lotion is warmed in my hands and applied to the chest and across the shoulders, up the back of the neck.  I also work the ears,  this in itself, is very relaxing and can relax the entire body.
We will discuss where you feel there is tension, most folks always say they feel it in the neck and shoulders or low back. I will also ask you about any injuries or car accidents, thing of that nature. I do not like to go too deep or rough the first time, so I will give you lighter pressure during this session. This gives me a chance to assess how tight the muscles are and what will be the best course of action.
A lot of guys especially, will say things like "oh I can take it, you can't hurt me". I hate to break it to ya, but, I can. Tight muscles are hard to the touch because all the fibers are contracted to the middle of the muscles, pulling from the ends, where you feel the pain, and causing the knots you feel under the skin. When the muscles are this contracted, there is less fluid or water in the tissues. Bruising can occur and pain will follow the next day.
Once I have worked the neck and shoulders long enough to feel some softening or releasing in the tissues, I will move on to the arms and legs. Again lotion is warmed in my hands and applied to the extremity with long, fluid strokes.
Sometimes folks are too ticklish for me to do the feet. This is okay, I can skip the feet. Most folks really love this part though. There are hundreds of pressure points in the hands and feet, that when they are massaged, will actually relax the rest of the body.
foot massage releases stressReflexology is the practice of working the nerve endings in the feet and hands to release lactic acid build up and restore better function to the corresponding nerves and organs of the body.
Now it is time to turn over. You will slide up to put your face in the face cradle. This allows you to be totally face down and still be able to breathe. The neck muscles are not compromised from being turned in one direction or the other. I will apply lotion to the back using long strokes to spread it over the entire back.
Sometimes when I ask the question, where do you feel the stress, people will respond..."oh you will find it". While this may seem an appropriate response, it really doesn't help me.
I usually find knots you never knew was there. If  I concentrate only on what I "find" I may never get to what your major complaint is. So communication is a big part of this process. I need your feed back on the pressure, if it is too light or too deep.
You will not hurt my feelings or insult me by telling me what you need. I have heard so many stories of folks laying in agony for an hour because they were afraid to hurt the therapist's feelings.
Just like in the doctor's office, I will ask you to rate the pressure on a scale of 1 to 10. One being no pain and 10 being excruciating. I like to stay around about a 5 for a first timer. This is a nice,  medium to firm pressure without pain. There doesn't need to be extreme pain from the pressure to get a good result from the massage, remember the muscle has to relax first for me to get in to deeper tissue.
relax visit St SImon's IslandWhen the tissues "let go", they release toxins into the blood stream. This is lactic acid and cellular waste that has not been able to move out for some time. This is then carried to the blood stream, so I always ask you to drink lots of water after a massage to flush this junk out. If you do not drink the water, the next day you may feel a little fluish and will most likely be sore from the massage.
A good rule of thumb is to drink half your weight in ounces everyday to fully hydrate the tissues. Well hydrated muscles are able to work longer and harder and will recoup faster from the exertion. This also helps you to get the biggest benefit for your massage.
The back of the legs and arms are massaged in the same manner as the front was. While some therapists are not comfortable doing "glute work", I am not bashful about this at all.
For those of you who do not know what the glutes are, I am talking about the butt. It is perfectly normal and is necessary to do this. We use these muscles to stabilize the lower back and the legs by clenching them, causing tightness down the ham strings, or the back of the thighs.
Anyone who stands for long periods of time will usually feel lots of tension in this area. For guys who carry your wallets in your back pockets, you are sitting on that thing all day. This throws off your posture and causes pain in the hips and or low back. You may have heard the term "sciatica". This is a large nerve that runs the length of the leg. This nerve runs through the muscle you sit on or your piroformus muscle. When this muscle is tight, it squeezes the sciatic nerve causing pain. Working the glutes helps to relieve the pain.
A big question for a lot of men and sometimes women is what happens "IF".....the man gets aroused. While this does happen on occasion, it is very, very seldom. Most men are so afraid that it is going to happen, there is no chance of it. Most of the time when it does, it is a natural reaction to touch and I am not offended. The guy will usually not acknowledge it and neither will I. I usually work with my eyes closed so that I can "see" with my hands and fully concentrate on the muscles, where they are tight, and when they release.
Okay, now that you have stopped laughing and blushing, I want to say that I have broached that subject because it always is asked about eventually and I have been told many times by the wives that their husbands refuse to get massage because they are so afraid of this happening. Don't let your fear keep you from getting the treatment that you need. There has only been once or twice in my 18 years of practice that it happened because it was a vulgar person  on the table. I am a strong enough person and woman that if I think a man is being perverted, I will stop the session immediately and ask him to leave.
I do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who exhibits rude or vulgar behavior. In the event something like this takes place, the service will be stopped immediately and you will be asked to leave.
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